Snapdragon vs MediaTek Processors

A lot of people don’t bother knowing about a mobile’s processor before buying one. And those who do, they generally give preference to Snapdragon. So, why is it so?

In the past, most of the low-budget phones used to come with Processors like MT6737, and MT6753 and some other low-end processors. These not only used to lag and heat a lot, they used to get slow over time.

And being personally experienced it multiple times, I can totally confirm this. While in case of Snapdragon Processors, they are well-optimized and we generally don’t face too much trouble with them in a usage involving at least 2-3 years.

See, the thing is, MediaTek Processors used to be bad in past, but the current generation Processors are very capable and provide very fast performance at a low budget. And Helio P60 is the proof the same. This review of Realme 1 confirms the same.

Oppo Realme 1 probably comes with the fastest processor in that price. Even the Snapdragon 625 or the 636 is no match for it. Isn’t that hard to believe? But it is in fact true.

However, if you’re seriously concerned with the stability and the performance over the years, Snapdragon Processors is still a better choice.

But for higher value for money, MediaTek wins.

I know where this conversation is going. This feels similar to Intel vs AMD debate, isn’t it? Just like AMD came back strongly with the Ryzen Series, MediaTek is looking to win the trust of users once again with some really good processors like the Helio P60.

But there are still brands who launch expensive phones with a sub-par MediaTek Processor. It is important to understand that not every processor is the same. Some brands may even introduce a 2x better processor in their phones for half the price.

So, who’s the Winner?

I personally prefer the Snapdragon Processors but in the next few years MediaTek keeps on launching great processors in all the price segments, it is very likely that it can give Qualcomm Snapdragon some tough competition.

For now, Snapdragon is the winner but things in this world don’t take too much time to change quickly.